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Hello reader,

Welcome to the blog for the Purdue chapter of the Society of Women Engineers! We are glad you have joined us. To get started, check out the links below:

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This year, we made several changes to the blog schedule for you to follow. First, we have a new series called A Passport to the World which focuses on study abroad. Second, we have a series devoted to getting to know our executive board called Meet the Board. There are more series coming, so stay tuned!

Like last year, we have Weekly Destressers which are quick tidbits every Wednesday to make you laugh, calm down, and get the most out of your busy week. Additionally, we still have Industry Insights (once a month on Fridays), where full-time, intern, and co-op engineers share their insights and advice they’ve developed through their experiences.

We are open to any suggestions you all may have. We hope you enjoy your time here, and please send any feedback you have to my email below.

Boiler up!

-Subhiksha Raman, your editor