Meet Your Directors: Public Relations Director

Describing Taylor:

taylor 1Taylor Grimm is a senior in Biomedical Engineering from Moon, Pennsylvania. She spent last semester studying abroad in Ireland. Taylor has been involved in research focused on electrodermal response in meditation. She loves cooking, baking and crafting.

Her role in PSWE

As the director of Public Relations, Taylor oversees the Blog, Scrapbook, and Alumni Relations chairs. She helps to keep track of their projects and keeps the treasurer up to date on all of their progress. In her current position, she also has the pleasure of hosting the Alumni Tailgate event, which is this Saturday, April 25 at 11:00 am in the parking lot outside of Ross-Ade.

What She Loves Most About Her Position

Taylor loves to see the “behind the scenes” aspect of PSWE. She also loved seeing the progressions of other girls moving up and attaining leadership roles in PSWE and seeing them do well in those positions.

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Taylor is looking forward to the Alumni Tailgate Event on April 25th. She also enjoys the intramural dodge ball games.

Words of Advice

Everything is going to be ok”

taylorTaylor would like to give shout out to all of her chairs because they are so good at what they do!


Meet the Public Relations Directorship

Note:  This profile is the fourth article in a series profiling the directorships within the PSWE Executive Board.

Meet the Directorship and Chairs!

Public Relations DirectorshipThe Public Relations Directorship is the behind-the-scenes directorship that helps get the word out about how amazing PSWE is and the upcoming events within PSWE.  Our chairwomen are Atiqah Rahmen, the Publicity Chair, and Molly Riccitelli, our Webmaster. Both Atiqah and Molly get dates and information about upcoming events from other members of the board.

Publicity – Atiqah Rahmen 
Using information from other board members, Atiqah creates fliers, writes on whiteboards, chalks sidewalks and creates sheetsigns for the events requesting these forms of advertisement. Atiqah also runs a publicity committee as needed to help her with advertising. She also posts announcements through ECN and the secretaries in the engineering offices. Make sure to be on the lookout for her advertisements!

Webmaster – Molly Riccitelli
Molly handles most of our digital advertising. Molly runs the PSWE Facebook pagewebsite, and twitter for Purdue SWE. These resources are all great ways to keep involved with SWE and learn what events are coming up! We strongly encourage people to communicate within the organization on the Facebook page and tweet at us (@pswesays) during events or about events. We welcome engineering jokes and questions on both the Facebook page and on Twitter.

Meet the Director!

Theresa Matthews
The Public Relations Director helps the chairs however needed by the chairs. She also acts as the liaison between the officers, other directors and her chairwomen. This helps keep everyone on the same page about what needs advertising, what’s been advertised and how advertising is going. The director also plans the fall cookout and the spring pancake breakfast.  Theresa is a senior in Chemical Engineering.

Q:  What Public Relations event are you looking forward to?
A:  For those who missed the free hotdogs and information about PSWE in the fall… be ready for the pancake breakfast after spring break. We’re waiting for the weather to warm up, so expect free pancakes around the end of March or early April!

Thanks for learning about the Public Relations Directorship. We love talking about Purdue SWE, so if you have any questions about what we do or how you can learn more about PSWE, feel free to email the Public Relations director Theresa at