Meet Your Directors: Campus Relations Director (Fall)

Describing Kara:

karaKara is a junior in Chemical Engineering with minors in Spanish and Management. She is currently completing a Co-Op work rotation at Kimberly-Clark in the adult care product development with the KC International Research & Engineering team. In her free time, she loves to snowboard, roller blade, cook, travel, go to music festivals, camp, or be outdoors with friends and family.

Her Role in PSWE

Although she’s currently off-campus, Kara has previously held positions as Campus Relations Director, TEAMS Day Chair, and Secretary’s Office Assistant. Kara doesn’t think anyone’s role in PSWE should be labeled as their position on the board. You can be as active in PSWE as you want, whether or not you are on the board. She explains, “I have personally been most active in the outreach directorship because I am very passionate about outreach.”

What She Loves Most About Her Position

Kara loves being a mentor to her chairs and watching them grow. On a similar note, she loves being on the publicity side of PSWE because it helps her meet new people to encourage them to participate in the awesome events and opportunities!

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Kara is really looking forward to the SWE National Conference next fall in Nashville, TN.

Words of Advice

Get involved! Be positive and never give up! Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be open-minded. Network, network, network. Don’t compare yourself to others; compare yourself to who you were in the past and work to improve yourself.”


PSWE Members (L to R): Katie, LilyAnn, Kara, Michelle, Julia