Meet Your Directors: Campus Relations Director (Spring)

Describing Haley:

Haley Berner is a haleysophomore in Biological Engineering from San Diego, California. Last summer she worked at Universal Studios. Haley is interested in engineering and medicine, but loves music, hiking, and running.  She is also a member of National Honor Society, Pre-Med Club, and the sorority Chi Omega. Haley is hoping to apply to med school after she completes her degree.


Her Role in PSWE

As the director of campus relations, Haley promotes and advertises PSWE. She communicates with the publicity chair and the webmaster. She also shows PSWE to the Purdue campus.


What She Loves Most About Her Position

Haley loves her close relationship with her chairs; she enjoys that it’s a continuous work load.  She plans two events herself, the Fall Cookout and the Spring Cookout, but all events need to be publicized so she gets to promote various SWE events throughout the year.

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Haley is looking forward to the Spring Cookout on April 23rd by MSEE. TEAMS events are her favorite! And, of course, the bagel breaks are also a sweet treat!

Words of Advice

PSWE is a great way to start in leadership because everyone is supportive and likes to see their colleagues succeed.”




Haley would like to give a shout out to her chairs for being great!