PSWE Video Series

Log #5 – Behind the Scenes: The Publicity Committee

DSCN0817From Left to Right: Sarah Hedberg, Haley Berner, Karen Martinez, Melissa Robins, Clare Etchason


Additional Helping Hands: Ivanna Gomez, Asheli Bridwell, Lexie Lobo, Natalia Bak, Megan Hedges, Molly Moore, Alyson Nash, Megan Neuendorf, Grace Knudsen, Nancy Jung, Sarah Burmesch, Alexa Maurer, Katie Thomas, Nithya Sridhar, Alexa Remer, Daniela Alviz, Lizza Gebre, Lauren Corbin, Jana Mudrock, Mallory Slavis, Mridula Raghuraman, Haley Smith, Kitara Crain, Karen Kukla, Apeksha Kumavat, Melissa Robins, Lindsay Piispanen


The publicity committee is responsible for publicizing SWE events with sheet signs, chalking sidewalks and lecture halls, distributing flyers, etc. They help publicize events when help is needed! Sign up here if you would like to join the email list!

To Learn More About the Publicity Committee

Check Out This Video


Log #4 – Behind the Scenes: The Blog Committee

blog committeeFrom Left to Right: Cynthia Ramirez, Anna Bukur, Taylor Grimm, Sam Stephens, Haley Smith, Anjali Malik [Not Seen Here: Kitara Crain (photo credit) , Nicole McMindes, Abbey Berg, and Erin Suttles]

The Blog Committee works as a team to find creative and effective ways to share information with all the members of SWE. They meet twice a month to make sure they cover everything that you need to see! If there’s anything you would like to see written about, send an email to Sam at We’re listening!

To Learn More About the Blog Committee:

 See The Video Here

Log #3 – PSWE Senior Advisory Board

If you are ever feeling lost, stuck, or need some guidance throughout the semester, feel free to contact the SAB. As quoted by Jakki, “The senior advisor board should be a way for the experienced seniors to interact with general members’ to improve not only their professional skills but also their soft skills”.  Feel free to shoot us an email at for any resume reviewing, LinkedIn reviewing, advice, etc. No matter how difficult or confusing this semester turns out to be, the SAB is here to help! Specifically the services the SAB provides include:
  1. Resume Reviewing
  2. Cover letter reviewing
  3. LinkedIn Review
  4. Informal Mentoring
  5. Mock Interviews
  6. Research Application

SAB Info Video


Log #2 – Happy 60th Birthday, PSWE!

Take a look back at all the PSWE members since the start of our chapter in 1954, and enjoy this video celebrating PSWE over the last 60 years. Join us this month in wishing the Purdue Society of Women Engineers a very happy birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday PSWE!


Log #1 – Not Exactly Sure How SWE Works?

Are you confused about what the Society of Women Engineers and the executive board is? Check out our video:

How SWE Works





All video credit is given to Kitara Crain.


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