Drumroll: the Results are Here!

Congratulations to all our Section winners in Schlumberger’s From Stilettos to Steel Toes essay contest!

1st:  Rebecca Krause

2nd: Sequoia Murray

3rd:  Alana Wilbee



Hi Folks!

This Saturday, Make a Difference Day will rally millions, especially students, to help change the world and make it a better place.  As the nation’s largest day of volunteering, it promotes the deed of lending a hand in return of a heart-felt, salary-free paycheck.  several students plan to volunteer at food kitchens, hospitals, libraries; anywhere in the community.

Thanks to USA Weekend Magazine, Make a Difference Day will celebrate its 22nd year of encouraging helping hands to reach out to people in need.  Part of this promotion is to award volunteers for their Samaritan work this Saturday.  Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

How will you make a difference this Saturday?  Please comment below; you might get some volunteers for your project or some buddies that can join you for the cause!

As always, thanks for being a great audience and THINK BIG!

                           Your Editor,

                               Ele Chakraborty

Eye Witness: Walking Down Yellow Brick Road

PSWE made history when it presented its first Homecoming float in the Boilermaker Night Parade last Friday.  In response to the Homecoming theme, “Once Upon a Homecoming,” PSWE decided to walk down Yellow Brick Road alongside Dorothy and friends from the world of Oz.

“The board member (committee) decided that our theme should be ‘There is no place like Homecoming,’” Brittany Kaiser, Social Competitions Chair, said.  “It’s a spin off from the Wizard of Oz slogan (‘There is no place like home’).”

PSWE’s Homecoming float appearance served as an upgrade from last year’s involvement.   Instead of “just walking,” PSWE wanted to “go bigger this Homecoming, according to Ashley Stroup, president.

“We had a lot of fun walking in the parade last year,” Stroup said.  “However, we wanted to get our name out in a bigger way.  Homecoming is the one time on campus that all the student organizations come together to celebrate something in common.  What better way to show (PSWE’s) name than being part of the parade.”

Additionally, PSWE’s slogan and Wizard of Oz characters represented the organization “very well,” according to Stroup.

“Having Dorothy as one of the characters really promotes PSWE,” Stroup said.  “She is a strong female character who isn’t love struck all the time.”

Indeed, as the slogan promotes, there was no place like PSWE’s recreation of the Oz world.  Board and general members transformed a flatbed trailer into the Yellow Brick Road pointing toward Emerald City skyline and the fallen house where the Wicked Witch of the West melted to her doom.  Made out of support pipes and green cloth sheets, Emerald City’s towers supported Christmas-style lights that illuminated the float, showing characters like the Tin Man (Stroup), the Wicked Witch (Sequoia Murray, treasurer), Dorothy (Karen Shultz, Public Relations Director), and Toto (Woofles, Stroup’s Terrier).

During the parade, the float presented the famous scene in which Dorothy accidentally threw water at the Wicked Witch, melting her into green goo.  With the help of a fog machine, the witch’s screams were heard by nostalgic students and flabbergasted local Lafayette children.  The lollipop guild passed out candy to the audience, who cheered as the melting scene unfolded.

Before the parade, Kaiser, who organized the float building and character casting, predicted that the Lafayette community would respond to the Homecoming theme “with memories and interest.”  Seeing the local children’s mixed emotions of shock and wonder proved her right.

“The parade and theme is good for the community,” Kaiser explained.  “It gets the community involved and it’s fun for the kids, especially when they see their favorite fairytale characters.”

Check This Out!: Site Updates

Howdy All!

I want to encourage everyone to check out the site’s newest updates: the Life Saver Page and the Funnies Page! Personally, I think the pages are well-put together, but check them out for yourself and tell me what you think.

Since deadlines for job applications and scholarships (like a particular shoe essay everyone should be writing) are around the corner, I thought it would be a life saver to have a writing reference page. The page contains useful writing tips and links; think of it like a writing for SWEeties resource. Also, I included some resume tips from the recent Forbes magazine and the Washington Post for future career fairs.

Secondly, when you complete your “award-winning” essay (or job-getting resume), the Funnies page will let you sit back and… laugh.

Finally, I would like to point out that this blog is for you as it is for me. I do feel lonely being the only voice within the blog’s binary sequence. Therefore, if you all want something new, something different, or like something currently, please say so. You can start by participating in the new weekly poll or commenting on the new pages!

As always, thanks for being a great audience!

                           Your Editor,

                         Ele Chakraborty

Where Will Your Shoes Take You?

Have you ever wondered where your heels, sneakers, or penny loafers will take you?  Now is your chance to think outside the shoebox!

From Stilettos to Steel Toes is hosting a short essay contest to find out where SWE members’ paths might lead them.  The essay contest is open to all sophomore, junior, and senior SWE engineers.  Also, the essay should be no longer than 350 words.  For complete rules and guidelines, please go to this webpage.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the THREE main reasons why you should participate:

1.  You will have the opportunity to visualize where your shoes will take you.  If you don’t like your destination, buy a new pair.

2.  You might win awesome prizes.  Individual section winners can win $250 (third place), $500 (second place), or $1,000 (first place).  The grand prize (national) winner will receive a scholarship of $2,000 and a fully paid trip to the SWE 2012 National Conference in Houston, Texas.  You can buy a lot of cowboy boots while you’re there!

3.  You can support your favorite SWE section (PSWE).  Every submission equals $100 toward our organization.

FLASHBACK: E-Week Dreamscape

Dreamscape, our National Engineer’s Week 2012 (E-Week) event from last spring, was featured in the latest SWE magazine.  In response to the E-Week theme, “7 billion people, 7 billion dreams. Engineers make dreams a reality,”  the PSWE event asked participants to think about what their future city would look like.  We asked anyone who came by to draw on a blank city skyline. In six hours, the blank city turned into a colorful metropolis of dreams, wishes, and new inventions.

PSWE taped the whole creation process. We edited the film into a 5 minute long video, which can be viewed in this Region H blog post last spring.

Also, you can view the whole SWE article below!

EVENT RECAP: The Revenge of the SWEet Tooth

Hello SWEeties!!

Recently, we had a couple of events centered around sweet guilty pleasures: ice cream and candy. Whether you indulged in creamy ice cream at the Ice Cream Social or gathered various candies at the Candyland directorship fair, PSWE satisfied your cravings about SWE involvement.

To relive all the sweetness, here is a mosaic of both events!

photos by: Lauren Kelso