February 10, 2017

Hello, hello, how’s it going everybody? It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these!

Well, it’s that time of year again: midterm season. Don’t worry, now is the time to take a break from all that studying and long, sleepless nights doing homework. Believe me, all of mine are due on Friday, so I’m just happy I can finally relax…before exams start up on Monday!

A couple years ago, during the Super Bowl, I stumbled across one of the cutest things I’ve seen at that point: the Puppy Bowl. Now, I know that the Super Bowl was last weekend and that this is probably old news, but really–when are puppies just seasonally exclusive? Anyway, for all of you who felt like you had a pretty long week, here’s a treat for you: a playlist of all the highlights of the Puppy Bowl!


Have a great weekend!

-Subhiksha, your editor


January 18, 2017

Welcome back SWEple to a new semester (and year)! I hope everyone’s Winter Break and MLK Jr. weekend went well. This past week seemed pretty easy-going, but I’m sure the workload will start all over this week and next week.

Anyways, until then, if you didn’t get a chance to join any clubs last semester, you should do so soon! Make sure you try something new and exciting! Get involved within the community! Make new friends! Most importantly, though, make sure you make every day count whether you spend some time with other people or just yourself (hey, I do that too).

Also, if you’re looking for a break tomorrow evening, go to the SWE-Involved Fair at 6 pm to learn more about how you can get more involved with SWE!

-Subhiksha, your editor

December 7, 2016

Welcome to the last Weekly Destresser of 2016! This week, I’d like to share my Top 50 favorite puns that get me through the day. As we approach the end of the semester, hopefully these puns make your day too!

  1. What’s the fastest liquid?       – Milk! Because it’s pasteurized before you see it
  2. I entered 10 puns in a joke contest to see if I could win      – no pun in ten did
  3. What kind of material to ninjas like to wear?     -leather. Because it’s literally made of hide
  4. I ran over a cat yesterday and accidentally chopped off its tail. Don’t worry! I took it to Walmart right away and they fixed it up since they are the largest retailer in the world.
  5. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two Wrights can make an awesome airplane!
  6. Who made King Arthur’s round table?      -Circumference
  7. What do you call a cow that’s just given birth?     –Decaffeinated
  8. What do you call a cow with no legs?      -Ground Beef
  9. What do you call a cow with three legs?       -Lean Beef
  10. Where to cows to go for fun?     -the mooOOooovies
  11. Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?     -they lactose
  12. Which way did the programmer go?      -he went data way
  13. Which American president was least guilty?     -Lincoln because he is literally innocent
  14. Wanna hear a joke?      -Sleep! Yeah I don’t get it either
  15. What kind of computer sings?      -A dell
  16. Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?     – Because freedom rings
  17. You have mass and you occupy space, so you matter! Until you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared then you energy!
  18. It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally
  19. I love the way the earth rotates, it really makes my day!
  20. I was going to make a Voldemort joke, but everybody nose it
  21. I’ll do algebra, I’ll do trig, but graphing is where I draw the line!
  22. 7 days without a pun makes one week
  23. Why are scarecrows so famous?      -they’re outstanding in their fields
  24. What do you call a pod of musical whales?      -an orchestra
  25. I dig, you dig, we dig, he dig, she dig, they dig… It’s not a beautiful poem, but it’s very deep
  26. Are Finland’s borders Finish lines?
  27. Adam and Eve, the first people to read the apple terms and conditions
  28. You can’t run through a campground. You can only ran because it’s past tents
  29. What kind of fish is made up of only two sodium atoms?         -2 Na
  30. Plateaus are the highest form of flattery
  31. Two blood cells met and fell in love, but alas it was all in vein
  32. Cannibal – Someone who is fed up with people
  33. The past, present, and future walk into a bar. It was tense!
  34. I tried to grab fog, but I missed
  35. The invention of the shovel was ground breaking, but the broom was the one that truly sweptthe nation. Of course, the invention of the whiteboard was remarkable!
  36. A guy is taking his girlfriend to prom. He waits in the ticket line for a really long time but gets them. He goes to rent a limo. The rental line is really long but he eventually does it. He goes to buy her flowers. That line at the florist is really long but eventually he gets the flowers. At prom, she asks him to go get punch. He goes to the refreshment table and there’s no punchline!
  37. Claustrophobic people are more productive thinking outside the box.
  38. Why did the capacitor kiss the diode? He just couldn’t resistor. 
  39. I don’t trust stairs because they’re always up to something.
  40. They’re finally making a film about clocks. It’s about time.
  41. Shout out to the people that don’t know what the opposite of in is! 
  42. What did the electrical engineer say when he got shocked?      -That hertz
  43. If you’re cold, stand in the corner. It’s 90 degrees!
  44. I got an A on my origami assignment when I turned my paper into my teacher.
  45. I wish people would stop asking me where I think I am going to be in 4 years. I don’t have 2020 vision.
  46. Rich Astley will let you borrow any of his Pixar collection DVDs but he will never give you UP
  47. I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes.
  48. Don’t be mean to nuclear reactors, they might have a meltdown.
  49. What do you call a snobbish criminal going down stairs?         -a condescending con descending
  50. What did one ocean say when it met another?      -nothing, it just waved

Thanks for putting up with my puntastic jokes. Good luck at finals!

-Megan Hedges

November 30, 2016

Hello hello, and welcome to another Weekly Destresser! I hope you guys had a SWantastic Thanksgiving Break…I sure did!

Often times, the end of Thanksgiving means it’s perfectly acceptable for a Christmas countdown and a plethora of Christmas music. But, since November still has today to go, I’m not gonna be telling you to blast your Christmas music just yet. But what I will tell you to do is this:

  1. Go to your room.
  2. Grab a mug, and pour hot water into it.
  3. Pour some hot chocolate mix into that.
  4. Sip, and enjoy!

-Subhiksha, your editor

November 16, 2016

Hey everyone, and welcome to another Weekly Destresser! I hope you guys had a good week…if not, you came to the right place. 🙂

So, apparently Thanksgiving’s coming up soon which means most of us are probably going home for the first time this year (including me)! Many of us have different traditions for celebrating Thanksgiving, but we all know that it’s our way of giving thanks to a good life…at least, that’s how I see it. Because of the upcoming holiday, I just thought I’d share what my family does every year and what we’re doing this year.

Every year, for about the last eight years (including this year), my cousin and I each take turns planning a Thanksgiving feast centered around one specific cuisine. For the first year, we prepared a really simple Italian cuisine with pizza and pasta. At that point, we decided to go above and beyond and try foods we hadn’t even tried yet. Then came years of Mediterranean, French, German (which ended up not being planned right, apologies to all), a vegetarian American Thanksgiving, Thai, and finally Korean. The last two years, especially, turned out fantastic especially since my cousin and I were actually old enough to cook almost everything while our moms went shopping.

This year, though, I had a decision to make: either we would go for another Asian cuisine or we try something different. I ultimately chose a mixture of English and Irish food because I thought it would be kinda interesting. Hopefully, it all works–fingers crossed!!

-Subhiksha, your editor

November 11, 2016

Hey everyone. Apologies for a belated Weekly Destresser, but I just wanted to give space to people recovering from the election this week. I usually write and schedule these well in advance, but that couldn’t be the case this week. You see, I had initially written this post with a more lighthearted feel not unlike the rest of the series, but I had decided to delete it when I woke up to the news Wednesday morning.

In light of what’s going on across the country right now, I gave serious thought about what I wanted to post in the blog today. So again, apologies again for the slightly somber tone, but I feel like there’s no other way I can put it. I never want to come across as partisan, but I want to let everyone know that everything will eventually be okay. And here’s why.

Last weekend, I volunteered for and attended a conference at Purdue dedicated towards space exploration and the space industry in general. The conference, SpaceVision 2016, was sponsored by the Purdue chapter of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), a national collegiate organization. One of the main topics was about how to better ourselves to reach for our dreams, mainly addressed by keynote speaker Loretta Whitesides. She drew upon her own experiences in educating us, the sometimes-discouraged engineering students, to reach for beyond our potential in anything we do. It was exactly what we wanted and needed to hear, especially when doing homework or cramming for an exam late at night.

I really wanted to share her speech with you all, but it’s not on YouTube yet. Fortunately, I found something similar to what she talked about last Saturday, and here it is. Though it’s more geared toward space travel, I hope it will encourage you to believe that every one of you is capable of changing the world for the better…and that starts with figuring out what you want to change and succeed in.

-Subhiksha, your editor

October 26, 2016

Hey everyone, and thanks for tuning into this week’s Weekly Destresser! October is slowly coming to an end, and hopefully so are exams. Halloween is just around the corner and not long after that is Thanksgiving Break! Hang in there just a few more weeks, and then you can rest up and catch up on sleep!

I stumbled across this list of 34 of the best horror movies streaming on Netflix (see below) the other day. Now I understand how hard it is to take the time out to watch a movie with the amount of work we all get. However, it’s very important to take time out of your day and do something you enjoy. So finish up your work early and spend the night enjoying some scary movies and get yourself into that Halloween spirit!


-Roselin Bains