Callout Recap

This past Wednesday we kicked off the semester with our Spring Callouts!  Members were able to learn about the different ways they can get involved in SWE by hearing about the upcoming events for the semester, and learning about the committees each directorship offers.

The Purdue chapter of SWE has four directorships: Communications, Outreach, Professional and Technical.  Each of these branches has a committee that can help the Chairs and Directors with input on event planning and activities.

This semester the Communications Committee members can expect to help with painting the sheet sign for Trade Show. Members will also have the opportunity to assist with generating ideas for the blog as well as writing articles. A few additional activities could include testing games for the AMM’s and assisting with the planning of social events, multicultural events, and community service projects. One of the requirements for this semester to be on the committee will be to share and like SWE’s social media posts. For more information on the Communications Committee feel free to email Communications Director Audrey Conrad at

The responsibilities of an Outreach committee member are to attend 1 committee meeting each month (2 will be offered on different days of the week), volunteer at least 4 hours each semester, and committee members can choose what events they participate in.  Committee members are also expected to fulfill all responsibilities they commit to (volunteering to organize an activity, design flyers, etc.).  This is a great way to have FUN, make FRIENDS, and ENTHUSE others about SWE & Engineering!

Interested members can join the Outreach Committee at their first meeting on Monday, Jan. 29th from 5:30-6:30 pm in ARMS 1021 to put together activities for Girl Scout Day.  To join please fill out this survey by 2/1:  To learn more about the events the Outreach Committee is responsible for follow this link:  If you have any questions feel free to email Outreach Co-Directors Susannah Pritchett-Montavon at or Fiona O’Dowd at

The Professional Committee is looking for new and returning members to help plan our upcoming professional development events like company tours, industry talks, and professional skill workshops. The committee works together to plan the events that you are interested in while also giving constructive feedback on past events so SWE can continuously improve and develop events that are enjoyable and valuable to attendees. If you are interested in gaining some leadership experience and being more involved in SWE or if you have any questions, please email the Professional Director, Jenna Klinedinst ( The committee usually meets about once a month unless members would like to meet more frequently to plan specific events. We value your input and can’t wait to work with you!

The Technical Directorship consists of Team Tech and Grand Prix.  The Grand Prix team has already begun meetings, but still has a need for girls to get involved.  You don’t need prior technical experience to be on the Grand Prix team as all necessary skills that are needed for the race are taught throughout the semester. The point of our Grand Prix team is to give young women the desirable technical experience that they often don’t get exposure to in a fun and challenging way. Members of the committee are expected to come to as many of the build meets and practices as they can. There are some required dates such as the Rookie Practice, Qualifications, and the Grand Prix itself.  This is a great way to make friends with women who are also passionate about STEM, and to network with engineering alumni.  If you have any questions feel free to email Grand Prix Chair Kait Hauber at

Team Tech is also looking for new members! Team Tech is a design contest sponsored by Boeing where members get to work closely with industry in solving an engineering problem. There’s no prior experience necessary to join and there are opportunities to gain some technical skills. This year we are partnering with Mazzetti Inc. to design an energy flow sensor for steam pipes in hospitals. If you are interested in joining, please contact either Jessica Bartling ( or Juhi Kekre ( for more information!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

Stephanie Godoshian



Meet Your Directors: Public Relations Director

Describing Taylor:

taylor 1Taylor Grimm is a senior in Biomedical Engineering from Moon, Pennsylvania. She spent last semester studying abroad in Ireland. Taylor has been involved in research focused on electrodermal response in meditation. She loves cooking, baking and crafting.

Her role in PSWE

As the director of Public Relations, Taylor oversees the Blog, Scrapbook, and Alumni Relations chairs. She helps to keep track of their projects and keeps the treasurer up to date on all of their progress. In her current position, she also has the pleasure of hosting the Alumni Tailgate event, which is this Saturday, April 25 at 11:00 am in the parking lot outside of Ross-Ade.

What She Loves Most About Her Position

Taylor loves to see the “behind the scenes” aspect of PSWE. She also loved seeing the progressions of other girls moving up and attaining leadership roles in PSWE and seeing them do well in those positions.

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Taylor is looking forward to the Alumni Tailgate Event on April 25th. She also enjoys the intramural dodge ball games.

Words of Advice

Everything is going to be ok”

taylorTaylor would like to give shout out to all of her chairs because they are so good at what they do!

Meet Your Directors: Programs Director (Fall)

Describing Catie

IMG_0377Catie Cowden is a junior in Computer Engineering, minoring in Spanish and Entrepreneurship. She loves Texas, coffee, computer programming, ridiculous puns, following current events, and, of course, PSWE! This semester, Catie is studying abroad in Madrid, Spain.


Her role in PSWE

As Programs Director, She works with the directorship to strengthen SWE through socials, community service, all-member meetings, and our Engineering Week events. She shared with us, “Last semester, Leann, my co-director, and I organized weekly Lunch with the Board at Ford lunches to give general members an opportunity to interact with the board.”


What She Love Most About Her Position

She loves working with  her directorship to brainstorm new events and new ways to encourage more people to become more involved with SWE. At small and large events alike, the goal is to build friendships and connections amongst SWE members and between SWE and Purdue as a whole.


What She’s Looking Forward To

Catie is looking forward to being the treasurer for SWE next year! She’s accounting on doing a great job! 😉

Shout Out:

“I’d like to give a shout out to Leann, IMG_0422the Programs co-director, for being awesome and organizing the directorship this spring! I also want to wish luck to everyone who applied to be on the board for 2015-2016!”

Meet Your Directors: Programs Director (Spring)

Describing Leann

leannLeann Demorest, from Clarksville, Tennessee, is a sophomore in Chemical Engineering. She is minoring in French and is planning to Co-Op next year. She is also an RA for Meredith Hall. Leann loves Netflix and has a dog who likes to eat socks.

Her Role in PSWE

As the Programs director, Leann oversees four chairs. She directs the E-Week, AMM, Social, and Community Service chairs. She is the liaison between her chairs and the secretary, Michelle. As a director, Leann has hosted the PSWE Lunch Brunch at Cary Knight Spot.

What She Loves Most About Her Position

She loves connecting with members and the casual setting that PSWE provides. Leann likes going to events to get to know other girls and to relieve stress.

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Leann is looking forward to PSWE  participating in building a terrarium in the upcoming Social event on April 27!

Words of Advice

PSWE is a great chance to stretch yourself!”


Leann would like to give a shout out to her chairs and fellow Programs Director Catie for being awesome!

Meet Your Directors: Campus Relations Director (Fall)

Describing Kara:

karaKara is a junior in Chemical Engineering with minors in Spanish and Management. She is currently completing a Co-Op work rotation at Kimberly-Clark in the adult care product development with the KC International Research & Engineering team. In her free time, she loves to snowboard, roller blade, cook, travel, go to music festivals, camp, or be outdoors with friends and family.

Her Role in PSWE

Although she’s currently off-campus, Kara has previously held positions as Campus Relations Director, TEAMS Day Chair, and Secretary’s Office Assistant. Kara doesn’t think anyone’s role in PSWE should be labeled as their position on the board. You can be as active in PSWE as you want, whether or not you are on the board. She explains, “I have personally been most active in the outreach directorship because I am very passionate about outreach.”

What She Loves Most About Her Position

Kara loves being a mentor to her chairs and watching them grow. On a similar note, she loves being on the publicity side of PSWE because it helps her meet new people to encourage them to participate in the awesome events and opportunities!

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Kara is really looking forward to the SWE National Conference next fall in Nashville, TN.

Words of Advice

Get involved! Be positive and never give up! Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be open-minded. Network, network, network. Don’t compare yourself to others; compare yourself to who you were in the past and work to improve yourself.”


PSWE Members (L to R): Katie, LilyAnn, Kara, Michelle, Julia

Meet Your Directors: Campus Relations Director (Spring)

Describing Haley:

Haley Berner is a haleysophomore in Biological Engineering from San Diego, California. Last summer she worked at Universal Studios. Haley is interested in engineering and medicine, but loves music, hiking, and running.  She is also a member of National Honor Society, Pre-Med Club, and the sorority Chi Omega. Haley is hoping to apply to med school after she completes her degree.


Her Role in PSWE

As the director of campus relations, Haley promotes and advertises PSWE. She communicates with the publicity chair and the webmaster. She also shows PSWE to the Purdue campus.


What She Loves Most About Her Position

Haley loves her close relationship with her chairs; she enjoys that it’s a continuous work load.  She plans two events herself, the Fall Cookout and the Spring Cookout, but all events need to be publicized so she gets to promote various SWE events throughout the year.

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Haley is looking forward to the Spring Cookout on April 23rd by MSEE. TEAMS events are her favorite! And, of course, the bagel breaks are also a sweet treat!

Words of Advice

PSWE is a great way to start in leadership because everyone is supportive and likes to see their colleagues succeed.”




Haley would like to give a shout out to her chairs for being great!

Meet Your Directors: Membership Vitality Director

Describing Cynthia:

Cynthia Ramirez, from the IMG_0426southwest side of Chicago, is a junior in Material Science Engineering. She has been on the board for almost three years. She loves to read and has a lot of fun doing intramurals and being apart of the blog committee. She is a small group leader of the Mentor and Mentee program.


Her Role in PSWE

Cynthia is the Membership Vitality director. She oversees the fall and spring callouts, the ice cream social in Earhart, and the senior reception. She also interacts with the vice president. She keeps the VP informed about all the point standings for the general members. She is also involved in the SWEetie Sidekick program.


What She Loves Most About Her Position

She loves to foster other people’s leadership skills and let them grow. She wants to interact with all the members of PSWE and become a resource for them. She enjoys how her position has all the different aspects of PSWE. It’s a good mix of social, multicultural, and other events.


Events She’s Looking Forward To

Cynthia is really excited for the Senior Reception this semester. She had this to say:

The event that I am looking forward to the most is the annual Senior Reception, which is on Friday, April 17th this year. After Spring Break, all graduating PSWE seniors will be receiving an invitation to attend a celebration in their honor. With our theme, ‘Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go’, seniors will be able to take pictures in our Seuss photo-booth, play in Seuss themed games, and of course, free food! And all PSWE seniors will receive a graduation gift that is definitely suitable for them in their post-graduation adventures. Make sure to look out for the RSVP, seniors!”


Words of Advice:

“Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to rise to a new level” 10486567_10152325303001594_1792331854382451409_o

Cynthia would like to give a shout out to Membership Vitality for their amazing hard work this semester!