Hello from Denmark!

This is the first installment in a new series called “A Passport to the World,” where we hear from a current student who is studying abroad and learn about their experiences. Today’s writer is Leann Demorest. She is a senior co-op student at Purdue in Chemical Engineering.

Are you thinking about studying abroad? My one piece of advice is to go for it!

I had thought about studying abroad for a while, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being away from Purdue for a whole year (since I’ll be on co-op in the spring). 14138216_10210083412624898_4647718997350486672_oThe more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was something I’d regret not doing.

Fast forward to August. Paperwork done, plane tickets bought, and housing settled. It was time to go! I was so nervous and excited about this whole experience, but mostly excited. My experience has had its bumps (I’m having flashbacks to my first week here without luggage), but I’m extremely glad I decided to spend a semester in Denmark.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far:

  • Each study abroad experience is unique.
    • Everyone is going to see different places, do different things, and have a different experience. Do what makes you happy.14188472_10210083413064909_2253162959730370571_o
  • It’s okay to feel homesick.
    • I just want to watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy!
  • Purdue should invest in bean bags and hammocks.
    • My university for this semester has bean bags in the library and hammocks in the middle of a grassy area. How cool!
  • It is possible to survive a week without luggage.
    • Next time, I’ll pack a better carry-on instead of a backpack with books and my computer…
  • Studying abroad doesn’t let you escape things like homework, grocery shopping, or laundry…
  • If someone tries to greet you with two kisses, don’t try to shake their hand (It’s awkward for everyone involved).With some practice and help, I should be able to avoid this awkward situation in the future.
  • Independence
    • Navigating the metro system my first day here. Learning how to fix my bike. Figuring out how to get my bags here. Getting lost. Etc.

14102550_10210083410584847_7610750376398843368_nHere’s to three more months of learning (about Denmark, different cultures, myself, and chemical engineering)! Feel free to follow along with me at wanderlustleann.blogspot.com.

There are so many options to study abroad at Purdue (from 1 week to a year). If you’ve thought about it at all, definitely look into it! The Purdue Moves Study Abroad Scholarship helps with the cost a lot, too!

-Leann Demorest