Your Editor 2012-2013

Greetings SWEeties!

My name is Eleonora (Ele) Chakraborty and I’m your Newsletter Chair for the 2012-13 academic year. As you would’ve guessed, my primary responsibility is to update this blog with info about PSWE events, news, people, etc. This blog is an open forum, so readers are free to comment and rate anything they wish, as long as it’s appropriate. Basically, if you wouldn’t type it on a professional document, then don’t type it at all.

The purpose of the blog is simple: to ensure that every PSWE member (current and future) knows what’s “going on” with the organization. Expect to see entertaining feature stories of past events, interactive polls to voice your opinion, and weekly reminders of events to come.

As dedicated readers, you have the right to know whose behind the blog screen. So, here is my five minutes of fame…

I was born and raised in a small, northwest Indiana town called Munster. Since Chicago is “just around the corner,” I grew up watching Michael Jordan (23) lead the “Dream Team” with his Jump Man dunk and supporting the White Sox in its World Series victory quest. Aside from only watching sports, I participated in the school sports where a 5’3” athlete can flourish: academic team, Speech and Debate, and tennis. A sport is a sport no matter how brainy it is.

I am currently a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering, who wants to concentrate on neurological applications. My ultimate career goal is to work in NASA’s biomedical research labs and conduct experiments involving neurological effects.

For my hobbies, I love to play piano for my family, and I have a passion for editorial writing and web design. My favorite part of these activities is their creative nature: these hobbies supply unlimited space to let ideas flow, build, and inspire. I obtained my passion for writing and design from working on my high school’s newspaper staff. As managing editor of the staff, I learned how to transform dull reporting into colorful stories and why news ethics is important in the mass media. I look forward in incorporating my reporting and ethical experiences with you, my readers. Information cannot become news unless it has an audience to receive and accept it.

Last but not least, my favorite organization thus far is (drum-roll…) PSWE! PSWE allows me to meet young women engineers like myself who have a passion in engineering. Through fun activities and even Chair Director Officer (CDO) meetings, I have gained valuable professional experience that serves as a stepping-stone toward my career goals. Thanks PSWE!

Here marks the end of my five minutes of fame. As always, be sure to check the home page for recent feature posts and event reminders.

                                        To a SWEet year,

                                       Ele Chakraborty


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