Grand Prix 2013

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Start your Engines…

It’s Grand Prix Week!!

This is a place where you can see what PSWE Racing is all about!  Meet the Grand Prix Crew, learn SWEet history, and see how the SWEet Machine was modified.

If you have any picture to add to our collection or just want to holler, please comment below! Your pictures and opinions are greatly appreciated.

PSWE Build Team!! Go SWEeties!!

Crew Profiles
Meet Julia Hom!

Major: Junior in Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Facts: Her favorite sport to watch and to participate in is swimming. She also has a freckle in her left eye, interesting!!!

Why did you want to be part of the team?
At the start of my freshman year I craved to do something hands-on. I was excited to become an engineer and wanted to physically make something that mattered. At the SWE fall callout I was able to meet the Grand Prix team who were extra friendly and stressed that no prior experience was necessary. I gave it a shot and after attending a few build meetings, I enjoyed being a part of developing the kart and wanted to be a part of the entire process including the race.

What is your favorite memory from crew practices?
I have many fond memories of grand prix, most being just hanging out with the girls while building the kart and learning how to use new tools. Also I like watching Marisa drive around the track and seeing the kart that you’ve worked on for several weeks glide around the curves. One of my favorite memories is the build meeting every year when we start the engine. This is when the whole kart has been put together and we test if the engine runs. When you finally hear the loud beautiful roar, the kart truly comes to life and leaves you with a ringing sensation of accomplishment.

What was your job on the kart?
This year I helped work on a couple areas of the kart including the steering wheel, rear axel, and replacing or attaching new parts. Marissa ordered many new parts this year, such as the steering wheel bearing to make the turning smoother. A big project this year was replacing the rear axel, which is in tiptop condition now. This part takes a great deal of time since multiple parts like the sprocket, chain guard, brake disc, bearings, and tire hubs all need to be lined up and secured correctly.

What would winning the Grand Prix race mean to you?
Winning the race would be pretty awesome and be a great finish to an amazing year. It is a good way to get recognized for the effort and time you have invested for that day but just finishing the race without any major wrecks is an achievement in itself. Either way, we will have a blast at Grand Prix.

Meet Kaitlyn Fisher!

Major: Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Victoria, Minnesota

Facts: She loves to snowboard when I’m home for winter break.

Why did you want to be part of the team?
I wanted to gain hands on experience and it sounded like fun. I met a great group of people while connecting with my fellow women in engineering.

What is your favorite memory from building nights and crew practices?
At quals it was FREEZING so we danced literally all day to keep the blood moving in our toes. Best dance party ever!

What was your job on the kart?
They call me the Duct Tape Queen because I covered the head rest and the stiffener bar holes in the back. We have named this the year of the axle because we’ve been through three or four and getting all the stuff on the axle from the old one to the new one takes forever. While bleeding the brakes I managed to drop the tiny wrench in the brake fluid and ruin my newly painted nails. At practice Heidi and I are in charge of filling the gas tank, but I can never tell when it’s full, so that’s her job.

What would winning the Grand Prix race mean to you?


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