College Advice

College is an incredible time for anyone to learn and grow as individual but it can also be overwhelming and stressful when you get in the thick of your classes and the work starts to pile up, or the exam grades come back.  Some great resources for destressing and making the most of your college experience can come from a variety of sources, including college blogs like The College Prepster.  The College Prepster is a blog created to inspire and motivate college students as they try to balance work and play in college, and offers resources for studying and advice on the college tab.

Another motivating blog to follow is Maxie McCoy.  Maxie’s goal is to provide you the tools you need to reach your goals by helping you refocus your energy and stay motivated.  Both blogs offer great advice on being your best self and working towards your goals in addition to fashion advice, upcoming books and movies to look out for, and even some recommended study breaks!  If you ever need a break from school or some help on kicking your procrastination habits, these blogs offer quick tips that are easy to use.

Stephanie Godoshian


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