Study Tips and Tricks

Hello SWEpole,

We know that midterm season can be stressful. To combat this stress, promote good study habits, and help you to be successful, the Communications Committee brainstormed some helpful study tips. Check out the list below:

  • Make a study guide using the course learning objectives
  • Hicks and WALC are now both 24 hours! Try a change of scenery (which can boost productivity) and study in one of those libraries
  • Do practice problems and take notes on how you did them (steps, thought process, formulas, etc.). Don’t forget to check your work with an answer key!
  • FYE students: look for practice exams for your FYE classes—there are tons of them that you can find online, or even get from upperclassmen
  • Weekly Joys has exams to practice with (visit
  • Network with upperclassmen
    • Your SWisters have endless insights they’d love to share with you
  • Go through your lecture notes after class and highlight important information
    • When doing homework, you can also highlight what information from the notes was particularly helpful
  • Read (or skim) the sections in the book. Reading the textbook is NOT overrated, and it doesn’t take as long as you might expect
  • Check out the “Practice another version” (if available) and “My Class Insights” tabs in Webassign for extra practice problems and information about topics you might want to spend extra time studying
    • You can also check out the “Past Assignments” tab, where there may be extra help available to you on problems from assignments that are past due
  • If your professor posts a practice exam, take it under exam conditions (quiet, timed, etc.) to accurately see how well prepared you are for the real exam
  • Put your phone away so you’re not distracted. Isolate yourself.
    • Put it on airplane mode, use a timer that locks your phone, or get the Pocket Points app, and earn points (for coupons) while your phone is not being used
  • Reward yourself! (my personal preference is to reward myself with food, but to each her own)
  • Take study breaks! They will help you to focus better while you’re studying
  • Sure, coffee and tea can really help get you through study sessions, but the healthiest thing you can be drinking is water, so don’t forget to bring a water bottle to your study sessions
  • Take care of yourself! Don’t forget to get good sleep around exam time. Your brain works best after a good night’s sleep

We hope you find these tips to be helpful. Good luck with exams! We believe in you!

-Your SWE Communications Committee


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