Team Tech Update

20170402_145951(0)[1]“We met at Greyhouse recently to begin assembly of our first robot. This robot will give us the opportunity to work on our understanding of electronic components and our Arduino programming skills prior to the production of our full prototype. The robot will identify objects, sort, and relocate them per a set of instructions.

Our corporate sponsor this year is Praxair. We’ve had the opportunity to tour their South Bend facility and observe their material handling practices in action. It was a great chance to learn about workplace efficiency, the economics of pairing people with machines, and occupational safety.20170402_151457[1]

We are also grateful to Professor Grant Richards in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, who gave us a tour of a robo
tics lab in Knoy and offered advice on robotics design.

The team is looking forward to attending the SWE Annual Conference in Austin, TX this fall.”

-Tina Landon and Zin Naing, Team Tech co-chairs


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