For FYEs’ Consideration: Electrical and Computer Engineering

This is another installment in our “For FYEs’ Consideration” series, where we present the different engineering majors to the FYE students. Today, we present electrical and computer engineering. 

Both electrical and computer engineering majors are contained in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Founded in 1888, this school is the largest at Purdue University and one of the largest of its type in the nation. There are about 1,100 undergraduate students in ECE.

Students learn about both electrical systems and their components and the software programming to control the devices. There are many opportunities for graduates from the School of ECE in industry, research, development, design, production, marketing, operation, and maintenance. Many industries seek electrical engineers to solve difficult challenges including, aerospace, automotive, petroleum, and obviously, the computers and electronics industries.

There are many areas students can choose to focus in through research. Purdue offers specializations in bioengineering, circuit theory, communication sciences, computers, control systems, electromagnetic fields, energy sources and systems, and materials and electronic devices.

ECE classes provide many opportunities for students to learn hands on through labs and demonstrations. Students develop exciting circuit labs such as alarm systems and simple computers with state of the art equipment. They will also design software per creative assignments in C, Java and other hardware based programming. Because of the hands-on lab experience students are prepared to successfully enter industry. ECE is a great opportunity for students looking for technical classwork with hands on lab experience.

-Peggy Magro


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