Kimi Wylin: PSWE Treasurer

This is part of a series called “Meet the Board,” where we feature our different board members. Today, we feature Kimi Wylin, our treasurer. The treasurer is in charge of the SWE budget and coming up with ways to increase it. 

1. What is your favorite PSWE event?

I love all of the events! If I have to pick a favorite I would say Girl Scout Day. I really enjoy seeing the young girls show their passion for science while having a good time.thumbnail_IMG_6466

2. What is your favorite study break? 

I love to be outside. Pretty much anything outside is a great break for me: hiking, running, playing sports, or even just hanging out listening to music and talking with friends outside.

3. Why did you pick your major?

I picked my major because at one point I intended on going to medical school but also wanted a challenging undergrad degree. Biological engineering was a good option for this. Although I no longer intend on going to medical school (at least not any time soon!) ABE was a great major and provided me with the mindset and work ethic I’ll need in the future.

4. What other organizations are you involved in on campus?

I am an ambassador for ABE, TA for one of the ABE courses, and participate in the Purdue Soybean Innovation Competition in which we develop a novel product idea made from soy.

5. What is the best part about your position as a PSWE Officer?

I like that I am able to help the younger members develop in SWE and life. Its really fun to see how everyone progresses throughout the year. Makes it even more sad that I’ll be gone after this semester!

6. What are you most looking forward to after the semester?

Since the semester is nearly over, I am excited to see how SWE and the board develops for next year! I’ve really enjoyed helping with outreach this year and taking on all of the other treasurer duties. It’s going to be really weird not being a part of it on such a deep level when I graduate!

-Peggy Magro

P.S.: Don’t forget, officer elections are at 6 pm this Friday at ARMS B061. We hope to see you there!


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