MOWs: Molly Wagner, Peggy Magro

This is part of a series highlighting our different “Members of the Week” from the past. Today we feature freshman Molly Wagner and sophomore Peggy Magro. 

img_0001Name: Molly Wagner
Major: Civil Engineering (currently FYE)
Year: Freshman
Hometown: New Albany, IN
Fun Fact: When I was younger I would always tell my parents I wanted to be a rock star. They didn’t believe me, but here I am studying to be a Civil Engineer who constructs things out of concrete.
Favorite Thing about SWE: There is an equal balance between the opportunities I am offered to strengthen my own knowledge, skills, and networking (Team Tech, Market Yourself, etc.) while also allowing me to volunteer for events that give back to the community (Senior Sleeover and Girls Scout Day).thumbnail_img_5854

Name: Peggy Magro
Major: Computer Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Mentor, OH
Fun Fact: I really enjoy cooking and watching cooking shows in my free time!
Favorite Thing about SWE: Being in SWE has taught me that being a woman in engineering is exciting! I love the professional development programs that help me develop a wide professional network and introduce me to the many opportunities for women in engineering.

-Megan Hedges


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