Jordan Ganley: Senior Sleepover Chair (Spring)

This is another installment of our “Meet the Board” series, where we feature our board members. Today, we feature our Spring Senior Sleepover Chair, Jordan Ganley. She will be in charge of the event this Friday, which allows PSWE members to host high school seniors considering Purdue as their college choice. 

1. Why did you choose Purdue?swe-member-of-the-week-picture

I chose Purdue primarily because of its stellar engineering program, secondarily because of the relatively high proportion of female engineers, and also because of the sheer size + number of opportunities that Purdue allows its students. SWE is a wonderful example!

2. What has been your biggest challenge at Purdue?

My biggest challenge at Purdue has been balancing my schedule. Because I was so excited to participate in so many clubs, it was difficult for me to whittle down my list of commitments and focus only on the extracurriculars most important to me.

3. What is has been the most rewarding part of being Senior Sleepover Chair?

So far, the most rewarding part of Senior Sleepover has been the overjoyed emails I have received from students accepted into our program. I expect that getting to meet these students in about a week will be even more fun!

4. What is your favorite study break?

Hanging out with my hallmates! I am lucky to have a wonderful collection of friends on my floor, and the best study break for me is stepping outside my room or coming back from Krach and saying hi.

5. What is your favorite SWE memory?

My favorite SWE memory has to be playing Wallyball during the ODC meeting last month!

6. What is your favorite place to eat on campus?

I only recently tried Khana Khazana, an Indian restaurant near Chauncey, but already it is my favorite place to eat. 10/10, would recommend this restaurant.

-Peggy Magro


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