Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Lane

This is part of an ongoing series showcasing the PSWE alumni. Today, we feature Ashley Lane, who graduated from Purdue with a materials engineering degree. She now works at TimkenSteel Corporation. 

“1. Where do you work, and for how long have you worked there?

I am a materials engineer/metallurgist in supply chain and design engineering at the TimkenSteel Corporation working with new steel grades, determining various capabilities (chemistry, heat treat/properties, etc.) and doing various project work. I am approaching my 5 year anniversary this May.

2. What did you major in at Purdue, and why?

I earned my degree in Materials Engineering (MSE). Materials science and engineering is constantly producing opportunities to push the bounds of what we think is possible. I was drawn to how MSE combines the microscopic level (through structure and chemistry) and the macroscopic level (through processing and applications). I also knew that my major would open doors for me regardless of where I wanted my career to go.

3. Besides PSWE, what organizations were you a part of?

Society of Material Science Engineers, Emerging Leaders Program (ELPS), Women in Engineering Program (WIEP), Purdue Opportunity Awards, Purdue Debris and Yearbook, Women and Leadership Conference Student Committee, Material Advantage (Provides membership to 4 international material societies)

4. What do you like and dislike about your job?

I like that everyday is a bit different than the one before, and there is always a new challenge to tackle. I also enjoy being able to teach others what I have learned. My job has given me the flexibility to do that both in my current position and in volunteer work I do with students.

5. How do you balance your work and personal life?

This is an issue that everyone constantly struggles with as work-life balance looks different for everyone. Knowing your “non-negotiables” or things that you are not willing to give up is key. Depending on where a person is in their lives, a person will spend more time working, while other times they will spend more time with family. I also find organization and planning keeps me on track, while also ensuring I do not overwhelm myself.”

-Subhiksha, your editor


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