Barbara McAnulty: Market Yourself Chair

This is an ongoing series that showcases our many board members. This week, we introduce you to our Market Yourself Chair, Barbara McAnulty. She is in charge of the Market Yourself event on Saturday, sponsored by P&G.

1. Why did you join PSWE?image1

I joined PSWE to meet other intelligent, hardworking, fun girls in engineering, especially those outside of my discipline. I knew I could learn so much from older SWE members about everything from their prior internship experience to their favorite things to do around campus. I’ve definitely met awesome ladies in my 3 semesters in the organization!

2. What is your favorite season?

My favorite season is fall. The weather is still warm enough to play frisbee outside, but I’m not going to sweat. I also love wearing plum, olive green, and burnt orange–all very fall colors! (and if Purdue was better at football, I’d say that’s a highlight, too.)

3. What engineering discipline are you in, and why?

I’m in Biological Engineering, and I have a minor in Economics. I came into Purdue with the desire to innovate to resolve the food crisis–a very interdisciplinary problem. I knew my engineering degree from the College of Ag at Purdue would prepare me to have the technical and critical thinking skills necessary for improving food production and distribution without compromising the environment for the sake of human proliferation. With one internship in R&D in Oral Care at Procter & Gamble under my belt, I’m looking forward to exploring the Quality department at Eli Lilly this summer and going from there in terms of my career goals.

4. What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is a cheetah! I love wearing cheetah print!

5. Why did you want to be the Market Yourself Chair?

I attended Market Yourself last year solely because one of my phone interviewers for my P&G internship was giving a presentation at the event and asked if I’d like to meet up with her that Saturday. Going into Market Yourself, I was skeptical of how helpful the event would be for me. I had already secured an internship for the summer from Industrial Roundtable, so why did I need to learn how to market myself? I had attended plenty of resume and interview workshops in the past—what else could I get out of Market Yourself? I was stunned at the quality of Market Yourself. All of the speakers made me consider an aspect of my career or education in engineering that I had not. I learned so many valuable tips especially relating to interpersonal networking skills, and I wanted to be Market Yourself chair this year to encourage those same constructive conversations on campus for SWE women.

6. Sunrise or sunset?

I’m usually not awake for sunrises, but many sunsets I’ve seen (included one I just watched a few minutes ago here in Annapolis, MD) have been spectacular!

-Subhiksha, your editor


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