MOWs: Liz Jaye, Roselin Bains

This is part of an ongoing series that showcases our Members of the Week in the past weeks. Today, we feature both Liz Jaye and Roselin Bains. 

imageName: Liz Jaye
Major: FYE (most likely Nuclear Engineering)
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Fun Fact: I love crafts like origami, knitting, coloring, and sewing.
Favorite part about SWE: I love that I am able to get to know a lot of upperclass women in engineering who are so friendly and great at giving advice.



Name: Roselin Bains
Major: Industrial Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Fun Fact: I can speak three languages.
Favorite part about SWE: Being able to interact with future colleagues who share the same interests as me.


-Nan Jia


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