Mridula Raghuraman: Fall Outreach Director

This is our last installment this semester for our Meet the Board series. Today, we shine a light on our Fall Outreach Director, Mridula Raghuraman. She is in charge of the Outreach Directorship, which focuses on introducing PSWE to younger kids. 

headshot-fall-retreat1. What got you interested in SWE?

There is such a large variety in what SWE does, and that’s what really got me interested in joining. As a freshman, I was looking for ways to get involved within my major and at Purdue, and SWE had everything from fun social events to helpful professional ones. I also wanted to connect with upperclassmen and find mentors who could give me advice regarding college and career decisions, and everyone in SWE was so friendly and welcoming! I signed up to be an office assistant at the callout and have loved being a part of SWE ever since!

2. What are your future career plans/goals after college and how do you feel SWE has helped make those goals or plans a bit easier?

I would really love to secure a full-time job after college, particularly in healthcare or a related field. My involvement in SWE (having been an office assistant, then a chair, and now a director) has provided me valuable experiences and organization and management skills that can be applied to any job I do. I am excited to be starting a co-op in the spring and give a lot of credit to SWE for preparing me to be a good fit for the position!

3. Favorite way to destress?

I love listening to music to relax. I enjoy practicing my violin or guitar whenever I get the chance as well. On the weekends, I like hanging out with my friends and having occasional movie nights!

4. What got you interested in your major?

I have always thought like an industrial engineer. Industrial Engineering focuses on figuring out how to do things better and more efficiently, which I find myself doing constantly. As a freshman, I didn’t know much about Industrial Engineering, but once I started researching the curriculum, topics such as optimization and ergonomics really stood out and interested me about the major. I realized it was the best choice for me!

5. Why Purdue?

Since I was young, I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Purdue. It is such a highly-recognized university, especially for engineering, and I was always impressed by the university’s facilities, extracurricular opportunities, and professional opportunities each time I visited. Purdue’s campus is also so beautiful and it felt like home from the start!

6. Favorite class you’ve taken here at Purdue?

I’m in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, and the classes I’ve taken for it so far have been really interesting (ENTR 200 and ENTR 310). I think it would be a really exciting career move to start my own business someday, and I’ve enjoyed learning about the process and hearing people’s stories in these classes.

-Roselin Bains


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