Finding the Best Study Space for You

As you all know, finals are quickly approaching which may cause you to reevaluate your study habits. One of the things you may want to look at is where you chose to study. If you are currently studying in your bed, where you end up falling asleep, or with friends, where you end up socializing more than studying, then you may want to pick somewhere else to study.

First, you need to decide is whether you study better alone or in a study group and pick your study location accordingly. Hicks is a great option to start with because it has many open spaces to study and thus makes it easier for you to find a table to work at. The cafe area is usually more open than the main area, so if you need to find somewhere to sit, always start out there. Hicks also has many group study rooms, so if you do your work better talking out problems with other people and using chalk boards, you should definitely head over there. Similarly, HSSE would be another great option for its quiet independent study tables as well as group study rooms.

Another great option is empty classrooms. If you like to talk through problems and write stuff out on white boards, go into a building and find an empty classroom to use. This is great if you’re planning longer study sessions because you can take over the whole room and use the different white boards for different subjects. Also, if you are someone who can’t sit in one place for too long, this is a great option because you have a lot more room to move around in than the library group study rooms.

Other places that work great are the study spaces in residence halls. These study spaces tend to be a bit more social so if you need silence when you work this may not be the best option for you. Other places to study include the multiple cafes around campus: Greyhouse, Amelia’s, Vienna. These may also be a bit louder, but if you like to have some background noise as you work, these will be perfect for you. Finally, the Union and Krach are also two very useful study spaces for both individual and group work.

Make sure to head over to these places early during dead week, so you can make sure you can find a place to sit. Good luck on finals everyone, and make sure to get plenty of rest and manage your time well to avoid too much stress! Just a few more weeks until break!

-Roselin Bains


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