Sarah Bugelholl: SWEetie Sidekick Chair

This is another installment in our “Meet the Board” series. Today, we introduce Sarah Bugelholl, our SWEetie Sidekick Chair. 

img_20160827_1235391. What got you interested in SWE?

I went to the callout my first year at Purdue and saw they had an intramural floor hockey team, and I was sold.

2. Are you a dog person or cat?


3. What are your future career plans/goals after college and how do you feel SWE has helped make those goals or plans a bit easier?

Plan? Oh dear… Well the plan is to get a job in the aerospace industry. SWE has many professional events such as networking nights and resume reviews that are beneficial to a successful future.

4. Tea or coffee?


5. What does your position on the SWE Board do?

I am the SWEetie Sidekick Chair, so it is my job to incorporate the new SWE members who sign up for the SWEetie Sidekick program into the SWE lifestyle by assigning them to a Superhero/mentor.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching Canadian interviews on YouTube. (Mainly hockey players.)

-Roselin Bains


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