Sarah Chandler: Senior Sleepover Chair (Fall)

This entry is part of of a series called “Meet the Board,” where readers can learn more about the individual people who are part of the executive board. This week, we introduce our fall semester Senior Sleepover chair Sarah Chandler. This semester’s Senior Sleepover event will be this coming weekend.

1. What got you interested in SWE?

I attended Purdue SWE’s Senior Sleepover when I was a senior in high school and had a great time. Not only is that a lot of the reason I joined SWE, but it was also a big fullsizerender-7factor in my choice to come to Purdue. I love that SWE is a social and professional club; it really gives me a broad range of opportunities!

2. What are your future career plans/goals after college and how do you feel SWE has helped make those goals or plans a bit easier?

Coming into school, one of my dreams was to work as an industrial engineer for Disney. I am lucky to have the opportunity to give this job a shot as I have accepted an industrial engineering internship at Disney World for the spring semester. If Disney doesn’t work out, ideally I would love to end up in the consumer products industry or in a financial engineering role. SWE has helped me expand my network and build connections that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. The opportunities I have had in SWE, such as serving as a chair on the board, have also helped me to develop my skills and gave me experiences to talk to employers about.

3. Favorite place to study on campus?

I enjoy studying in Grissom. It’s convenient to be near the TAs and Professors offices and also has comfortable study spaces that aren’t usually too busy.

4. What got you interested in your major?

I chose to major in industrial engineering because I am interested in business and also the more “people side” of engineering. An IE degree is very broad, and I feel like it can lead me into almost any industry that I want to pursue.

5. What’s your favorite TV show?

I honestly don’t watch much TV, but I enjoy watching sports (especially the Detroit Tigers).

6. Favorite class you’ve taken here at Purdue?

During my freshman year I took two Honors Seminars; one was on Cities and the other was on Water. These classes were cool because they weren’t like a typical college course. I can’t say what I learned will be the most helpful in the future, but they were a nice break from the rest of my classes and definitely gave me different perspectives on topics I didn’t think much about before.

-Roselin Bains


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