November 11, 2016

Hey everyone. Apologies for a belated Weekly Destresser, but I just wanted to give space to people recovering from the election this week. I usually write and schedule these well in advance, but that couldn’t be the case this week. You see, I had initially written this post with a more lighthearted feel not unlike the rest of the series, but I had decided to delete it when I woke up to the news Wednesday morning.

In light of what’s going on across the country right now, I gave serious thought about what I wanted to post in the blog today. So again, apologies again for the slightly somber tone, but I feel like there’s no other way I can put it. I never want to come across as partisan, but I want to let everyone know that everything will eventually be okay. And here’s why.

Last weekend, I volunteered for and attended a conference at Purdue dedicated towards space exploration and the space industry in general. The conference, SpaceVision 2016, was sponsored by the Purdue chapter of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), a national collegiate organization. One of the main topics was about how to better ourselves to reach for our dreams, mainly addressed by keynote speaker Loretta Whitesides. She drew upon her own experiences in educating us, the sometimes-discouraged engineering students, to reach for beyond our potential in anything we do. It was exactly what we wanted and needed to hear, especially when doing homework or cramming for an exam late at night.

I really wanted to share her speech with you all, but it’s not on YouTube yet. Fortunately, I found something similar to what she talked about last Saturday, and here it is. Though it’s more geared toward space travel, I hope it will encourage you to believe that every one of you is capable of changing the world for the better…and that starts with figuring out what you want to change and succeed in.

-Subhiksha, your editor


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