Secretary: Kitara Crain

About Kitara905959_1007507845966538_8617415297665192264_o
Kitara is a senior from Folsom, California. She majors in Electrical Engineering. In her spare time, Kitara likes to travel around. If she can do any job in the world, her ideal job will be an industrial designer who comes up with the next piece of technology.

About The Secretary
The secretary oversees competition and outreach events. She deals with all the paperwork and details, including setting up the office and scheduling rooms. Being the secretary this year, Kitara learned organizing skills and to make sure every detail is set.

About PSWE
Kitara’s SWEetest memory was when she was the corporate relations chair last year.
She had a financial planing event and it ended up having 65 people attended, which was three times more than usual.Photo Feb 27-4

Kitara’s favorite movie
“White Chicks.” Cause it’s just so hilarious xD.

Lightning Round

Pizza or burger? Burger.
Summer or winter? Summer.
Cats or dogs? Dogs.
White or black? Black.
Morning person or night owl? Morning person.
Physics or chemistry? Physics.



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