Top Apps for College Students

Looking to stay organized this semester? Check out my personal recommendations for essential phone apps for college students!

  1. iStudiez Pro/Lite – iOS

This spring will be my sixth semester relying on this app. It’s so incredibly useful. I organize my calendar and to-do list depending on which class/organization it relates to. Everything is in one place and color-coordinated. I would highly recommend it for anyone who’s looking to move away from a paper agenda. The Pro version is $2.99… but spread across the six semesters I have used it, I’d say it’s well worth it!

2. Google Drive – iOS, Android

If you aren’t in love with Google Drive yet, now is the time to give it another chance! In exchange for a slightly limited functionality (compared to Word and PowerPoint, for example), you gain the ability to collaborate much more effectively. The flexibility to read, manage, and edit documents from a mobile device is an added benefit.

3. DuoLingo – iOS, Android

Instead of watching funny cat YouTube videos for a study break, treat your brain to a game on DuoLingo. The app boasts material in 26 languages (including Klingon). I myself completed the Spanish language version over the summer! Bonus levels offer funny/interesting topics like flirting and idioms in whichever language you chose.

4. Free GraCalc -iOS

Ever find yourself needing to do some calculus, but you left your graphing calculator at home? It’s the absolute worst, right? This app can rescue you from this dilemma! Although this particular app is only on iOS, Android offers many similar alternatives.

5. Doodle – iOS

Make and answer Doodle polls from your phone for added convenience!

6. Slack – iOS, Android

Slack is similar to GroupMe, but it lets you divide conversations by threads. You can keep your off-topic conversations separate from the serious business.

7. Pocket – iOS, Android

Instead of perusing Facebook and Instagram in the five minutes before class, check out articles on Pocket! You can store articles here that you want to read later, and the app will also give you recommendations based on what you might like.

Good luck this semester, SWEople!



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