President: Meredith Shannon

About MeredithDSCN0902
Meredith is a senior in industrial engineering with a minor in psychology. Coming from Houston, Texas, she loves cooking, swimming, and kayaking. Without any obstacles, Meredith wants to be a chief in the White House.
About the President
The president is like a bottle of glue. She oversees the organization and makes contacts with National SWE. As the first contact with outside companies, she also looks for different sources of funding for the organization.
About PSWE
Meredith’s best memory is planning her first big event: Day With Industry. Although she was very tired at the end of the day, she saw that so many people came and that the outcome was good, which made her fall in love with PSWE.
23127995316_a7e30fc7d0_oMeredith’s Favorite Books
Meredith likes science books like Magic Tree House. She also went to the lecture by Neil deGrasse Tyson when he came to Purdue.
Lightning Round
Pizza or burger? Pizza.
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
Black or white? White.
Cats or dogs? Cats.
Physics or chemistry? Physics.

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