10 (Underrated) Study Spots at Purdue

Are you looking for a new study spot? Are you tired of waiting around for a free table at the Union? Well, here are some unique locations (both on and off campus) that might help spice up your study scene. I encourage you to check them out and let us know what you think!

Haley’s Ten (Underrated) Study Spots at Purdue:

On Campus:

  1. Krach Leadership Center: You might have already checked out the main floor, but have you explored the upper levels? The second and third floors provide plenty of study tables, secluded rooms, and comfy chairs for optimum study time. Location Details: 1198 3rd Street

  2. Co-Rec Balconies: I know, it sounds peculiar… you’re reading a textbook while other students are running laps above you. But what better way to give your mind a workout than by immersing yourself with others who are exercising their bodies?! Take the stairs just to the right (east side) of Freshens to access this study spot. Best of all, you don’t even have to remember to bring your ID! Location Details: 355 S Martin Jischke Drive (Use the stairs to the right/east of Freshens)

  3. Parrish Library: Located on the second floor of the Krannert Building, this popular workspace is ideal for collaborative projects. But, it also offers a café if you’re looking for a place to crank out your own work and enjoy a bite to eat. (WARNING: Bring ID to swipe after hours). Location Details: 403 W State Streetparish

  4. Engineering Library in Potter: Also known as the Siegesmund Engineering Library, this hidden gem will serve you well during finals week. Concealed within Potter (near Wetherill), it houses over twenty workstations complete with two printers and scanners. Location Details: 500 Central Drive (Enter on first floor)

  5. The Green Roof (weather permitting): Make your way on up to the second floor of the Civil Engineering Building to find this refreshing patio. The Green Roof is actually used to collect rainwater but doubles as a relaxing patio study area. Of course, you might want to preview the day’s weather predictions before you plan your date with some green plants. Location Details: 550 W Stadium Avenue



Off Campus:

  1. Fuel Coffee: Not only does it offer a variety of delicious beverages, but Fuel also has fantastic customer service. You won’t be disappointed with this coffee shop. Location Details: 1005 Main Street (Plus Free Wi-Fi)

  2. Star City Coffee House: Star City immediately draws you in with its inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Be sure to try a tasty meal while you enjoy the rustic ambiance of the restaurant. Location Details: 210 Main Street

  3. Sacred Grounds: With its charming and eclectic décor, this coffee house is certainly a neighborhood favorite. Before you plan your visit, be sure to double check their (slightly) unusual hours. Location Details: 724 Wabash Avenue


9. Café Literato: In my opinion, Café Literato is the grand winner. Aside from the fantastic menu, this restaurant provides the ideal environment for all types of students. You can find everything from a cozy couch to a spacious conference room. Location Details: 1920 Northwestern Avenue

10. Java Roaster: With relatively inexpensive prices, Java Roaster is the ultimate coffee shop for a frugal college student. In addition to the free Wi-Fi, you should definitely take advantage of the upstairs seating (if available). Location Details: 130 N 3rd Street


-Haley Berner


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