January 13, 2016

Welcome back!

I hope you all had an enjoyable break and are excited to be back at Purdue! Here are a few tips to start the new year off right:

   1) Make a study schedule

It can be hard to find enough hours in the day for your work – especially when so many of them are wasted by spending time on our phones or social media. Try to schedule a time for studying and relaxation to get your work done efficiently.

2) Get LOTS of sleep

We’ve all seen the studies and they all say the same thing – college students NEED sleep. Try not to stay up too late on school nights and catch a few more Z’s. You’ll feel better if you do!

3) Go to more office hours

TAs and Professors aren’t here to fail you, they’re here to help! Use office hours when you’re confused or just need to solidify some material.

4) Don’t procrastinate

Do your work the day it’s assigned, or, even better: do it ahead of time!

5) Drink more water

You’ll feel better when you’re properly hydrated and you’re also less likely to get sick.

(Adapted from FreshU’s 10 Goals to Set for Yourself this Semester by Mia Renee Cole)

Have a great week!



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