Treasurer: Catie Cowden


cc3About Catie

Catie is a senior in Computer Engineering, minoring in Spanish and Entrepreneurship. Originally from Cypress, Texas, she loves ridiculous puns, following current events, and finding new, healthy recipes to try out. Without any obstacles, Catie’s ideal job is a nutritionist or health coach.


About The Treasurer

The treasurer is in charge of maintaining the budgets. She keeps track of companies’ sponsorships and sells merchandise. As treasurer this year, Catie plans to move out some old merchandise. She also helps board members with budgets and makes sure that they can use the money to the best of their abilities.cc2


About PSWE

Catie enjoys SWE annual conferences. She attended WE15 in Nashville, TN and WE13 in Baltimore, MD, which were good opportunities to see how big SWE was and to meet people from different colleges and companies.


A Movie Catie Likes

“Interstellar.” It’s a movie about space travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. Catie loves the space exploration and engineering principles in the movie.


Lightning Roundcc

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

Blue or red? Red.

Summer or winter? Summer.

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise.

Morning person or night owl? Morning person.

Physics or Chemistry? Physics.

-Yichen Fan


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