The Epic Snowball Fight

This story was written one line at a time by the PSWE board and their office assistants. Enjoy!

“(The Officers) It was a cold day in the SWoffice. . .

(Rebecca) when suddenly, a small white ball came rolling in and crashed into the box of t-shirts.

(Enya and Abbey) Perplexed, the SWE Officer in the office looked behind her at the small white ball and wondered aloud,

(Rylee) “Ughhh what?”  She looked around the SWoffice trying to figure out where it came from.

(Catie) Picking up the ball, she poked her head outside the door and was surprised to see hundreds more rolling down the hall.

(Jennie) She knew what was about to happen, a massive snowball fight!

(Lin and Lindsay) Hastily, she went through the office supplies looking for items to make a catapult.

(Adibah and Sedona) Oh no! Unfortunately she can’t find anything that’s helpful to make one and instead she made a fort out of the boxes.

(Amy) Her barricade was strong, but she had no snowballs to throw; when suddenly Olaf appeared and joined her team!

(Claire and Julia) Olaf ran as fast as he could, rolled up in a ball, and hit an opponent’s fort.

(Alysha) But then he got distracted by the fact it wasn’t winter, and the sun was out!

(Sarah) “Summer!” Olaf thought, and he raced outside expecting a balmy summer day, only to find brisk windy Autumn sunset.

(Molly) Olaf sadly walked back into the building, only to get pelted with a snowball, causing him to fall backwards and tumble down the hallway.

(Sam) Olaf shook his head and looked toward his attacker – it was none other than the Yokians (from Jimmy Neutron), those fiends.

(Krina) Olaf yelled a battle cry and charged towards the Yokians when suddenly he heard a loud crash behind him.

(Ivy) It was Spongebob to his rescue, with an army of jellyfish!

(Jordyn)  Patrick was quickly behind Spongebob pulling a wagon full of snowballs!

(Lauren) Patrick loaded Spongebob up with snowballs and they all shot out of Spongebob’s holes towards the enemy!

(Michelle and Allison) With the snowballs melting, several Yokians short-circuited because they stepped in the puddles.

(Hannah) Some of the Yokians realized what was happening, evaded the puddles, and pelted snowballs at Olaf, Patrick, and Spongebob.

(Mallory) However, the short-circuiting Yokians had given our heroes an idea; hastily, Spongebob started rolling in the melted snow, absorbing as much water as he could.

(Bri) Olaf then decided to make a giant catapult, and launched spongebob at the Yokians!

(Megan) To Olaf’s dismay, he made a wrong calculation when designing the catapult, and Spongebob flew out the window instead of at the Yokians!

(Emma) Spongebob was thrown from the catapult with such a force that when he hit the ground all the water was squeezed out from his spongy body.

(Paige) The Yokians laughed and scoffed at Olaf’s efforts to foil their plan.

(Anna and Stephanie) Then out of nowhere Sven arrives with Elsa on his back. Elsa uses her powers to freeze all the Yokians in their places to settle this once and for all.

(Alexa) But then, Spongebob exploded and interfered with Elsa’s powers, causing the Yokians to form into one giant hulk-of-Yokian.

(Haley) All of this chaos made Spongebob very tired, so he took a nap.

(Rachel and Carolina) When he woke up Gary was laying beside him, stone cold.

(Noelle) Seeing Gary in such a terrible state, Spongebob ran over to Squidward’s house in the hopes that he would come and play his clarinet to warm Gary’s heart.

(Erin) As usual, Squidward was displeased to see Spongebob frolicking about his door, but when heard it was to play the clarinet, he quickly came to Gary’s aid.

(Lizza) Squidward’s awful clarinet playing actually made Gary feel worse and then ran away, and worried Spongebob when he awoke.

(Mridula) Gary recounted the horrible events to Spongebob, who, out of anger, confronted Squidward with a few thoughts of his own.

(Shifali) Though Spongebob was full of rage and anger, as he was talking to Squidward, he ultimately decided that Squidward was too innocent for this world and left to go find Sandy so he could vent.

(Kimi and Audrie) And then they all ate bagels.

(Megan and Nan) After eating a few bagels, our heroes decided to offer some to the Yokians, but they had never eaten bagels before.

(Cynthia) The Yokians had found a magical new food source, no longer requiring humans to sustain their way of life, so they thanked the SWE members for their hospitality and headed home.”

-Erin, your editor.


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