Vice President: Cynthia Ramirez

10856599_10206351289969489_3847270457568105829_oAbout Cynthia
Cynthia is a senior in Materials Science Engineering. Born and raised in Chicago, she is a huge Blackhawks and Bears fan. Cynthia plays the trumpet along with an assortment of other instruments and she also danced for 13 years. Without any obstacles, she wishes she could be be a professional ballerina.


About The Vice President
The vice president works with the internal component of PSWE. She sends out weekly emails of all the events coming up and plans bi-weekly meetings of the executive board for announcements and leadership building. She oversees the campus relations directorship, which focuses on social media, publicity and the SWE website. She also oversees the Membership Vitality directorship that includes events such as the call-outs, multicultural events, SWEetie Sidekick, and the points system. As vice president this year, Cynthia is aiming to have everyone find their interests within PSWE. There are so many events throughout the year that she hopes everyone can find something they want to be involved in.

About PSWE
Being involved with PSWE for more than three years, Cynthia loves to hear from and support so many women in engineering. She treasures her PSWE experiences for opening plenty of opportunities she’s gained and all the amazing friends she’s made.


A Book Cynthia Is Reading
“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”. It’s fiction combined with Jane Austen’s classic novel with modern zombie elements. Cynthia wants to read it before going to see the movie next year.

Lightning Round
Pizza or burger? Pizza.
Summer or winter? Winter.
Cats or dogs? Dogs.
White or black? Black.
Morning person or night owl? Night owl.
Physics or chemistry? Chemistry.

-Yichen Fan


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