Read the Winning Essay by Sam Stephens

Recently, PSWE participated in Schlumberger’s Stilettos to Steel Toes Essay Contest (read more about it here.). The winners for our chapter were:

1st place: Sam Stephens

2nd place: Haley Berner

3rd place: Mallory Slavis

Sam wanted to share her essay with us. Enjoy, PSWE!

[Audio Log – Dr. Samantha Stephens, 12:55:17 pm]

“Page after page after page. {Dang it, I thought I saw an open spot in here somewhere} *BRRRRRRNNNNGGG* Shoot, missed the portal. 14 seconds ’til the next one, I’ll only be a shake late to the meeting.

I have so many stamps in here now; patents and papers and miles of research have filled my passport apparently entirely. Even though it’s only been 8 years since my doctoral degree, I’ve lived a lifetime in the world of pseudo tech. Oh, there’s one of my favorites …can I actually mention that? It was for the research I was working on back in 2014 when I first got started with Dr. Everett. We created a standard tower viewer, a manual focus system able to show a magnified view forward in time. Our validity testing was flourishing and the quarterly results we presented to the tech council were unparalleled. That is until we lost Dr. Everett in the wavefunction collapse (but those records are technically redacted, so I didn’t say that). Enough about that, I don’t do much with the viewer these days. My work with psionics is what has really put me on the tech map. Heck, my theories on telekinetics is what got the ball rolling for the global implementation of the portals! I love the field though; my psychokinesis research has brought about incisionless surgery and reduced any forest fire to an acre at most when the response sector is lagging.

Ok, now I might be bragging, but who doesn’t want to boast when they get to be where I’m at in my life? And I still have 2 seconds until the next portal. I guess I’ll tell you what I’m working on now, if you haven’t guessed already. The next level of psionic patents is time separation. Reread the written copy of this log and it’ll take you roughly 87 seconds to read, but it’s only been 13 seconds audibly. Think on that for a bit. That’s all I can say really as I am headed to present this to the council now. I can’t believe I’m going to be late, how ironic.”
[End Log – 12:55:30 pm]

We are very proud of Sam, Haley, and Mallory!

-Erin, your editor.


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