How To Make The Most of Your Summer!

This summer is going to be amazing.

You are going to be super productive and have awesome stories to tell in August. The only problem is, you’re not taking any trips… in fact you don’t think you will be doing anything exciting all summer. Not to worry, here’s your guide:

Make the Most of Your Summer

 1. Learn a foreign language. Yes, we’ve all tried and failed in high school, but if you dedicate some time and try at your own pace, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish. This link has some helpful tips. Don’t forget about the resources at your local library either!

2. Skydive! It usually costs a little over $200. If you like it you can become licensed and join Purdue’s Skydiving club. Google skydiving in your area.

3. Take a road trip! Nothing helps you bond better than being in a car for over 12 hours with your closest friends. You make memories, have inside jokes, and there’s a 100% chance something will happen that you can never talk about again. You can customize your trip to be as short and cheap as you want. Below are some links to help you get started:


Discover America

Also look at the “ultimate” road trip for some inspiration

 4. Learn a new instrument or practice more with the one you have. Odds are you played an instrument as a child. Go back and learn how to play it. It’s good for the brain and now you have a fun fact for your icebreakers next fall! Here’s some tips to help you get started.

 5. Run a Half-Marathon. It sounds scary but if you follow these instructions, you can be running to victory in less than 3 months… even if you come up a little short you’ll still sound like the most athletic person ever

6. Get “the big project” done. There is one thing in your house that has been on the To-Do list since the dawn of time. Maybe it’s hanging pictures, maybe it’s cleaning the garage but whatever it is, now is your chance to do it. Think how good you’ll feel after it’s done. Here’s some inspiration

7. Go to the library! The librarians always know of fun and cheap things that are happening in your area. They are your best resource. You can also start crossing books off of your “100 Books to Read Before you Die”. Saying, “I read 10 books this summer” sounds so impressive, you don’t need to say anything else

8. Do a movie marathon! Now’s your chance! Binge watch the TV or Movie series everyone has been talking about. Some will be impressed, others disturbed, but it takes true strength to finish a movie marathon. First stock up on snacks, pillows, and blankets. After, you can enjoy the longest sleep of your life. This link will help give you some ideas of how to begin your journey.

9. Make homemade gifts for people. You know that one person who always gives you that loving, personal gift and you always give them a gift card (because gift cards are awesome!). Well now is your chance to settle the score! You have two months to create the best gifts ever! Here are some ideas to get you started!

10. Organize your future! Don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life; you have over two months to figure it out! Update your resume, work on your elevator speech, and practice interviewing. Do research on companies you think you might want to work for. Nothing is more impressive than saying, “I know what I want to do with me life” when people ask what you did this summer.

Make the Most of Your Summer



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