Here is Your Guide to Your Summer Work Experience

Headed into your first internship or co-op session this summer? PSWE has prepared an advice and tip guide for you!


It’s full of insight from members who have recently been in your shoes. This guide will help you get prepared for your experience from day one to the wrapping up and all the steps in between, including stories from other PSWE members and the experiences they’ve had on the job.

It covers all of these helpful topics:

  • What to Bring and What to Wear

  • Working with Your Manager or Technical Coach

  • Navigating the Social Workplace and Professional Behavior

  • Leaving Your Mark

  • What to do if Something Goes Wrong

Use this resource. Read through it, keep it saved in your back pocket so you’re ready when one of these topics surface (and they definitely will). Download the guide below!


PSWE intern coop guide 2015




Have questions, concerns, or more tips?

Feel free to contact the author at any time :

Karen Martinez,


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