Letter from the President: Looking Ahead

meredith     Trying to express my excitement and enthusiasm for what the year holds for SWE is difficult in a short article. SWE has many exciting things to come this next year and I hope to show passion in the form of action. The new officers and I have been working hard on making SWE a force to be reckoned with on Purdue’s campus. The different facets of SWE do amazing things, all thanks to it’s life source, its members!

     Throughout my time being a part of this organization, I have gained many incredible friends who are doing even more incredible things with their lives. I am sad to see them graduating as May approaches but I know they will carry on their SWE love to wherever they go. This past year, I have seen the outcome of the hard work and dedication SWE ladies put into it and I could not be more proud. Amazing growth has been seen in events such as Team Tech, the Engineering Trade Show, Girl Scout Day; just to name a few! It leaves an excellent act to follow.

I hope you all are equally excited about this coming year, willing try new things, and get the full experience PSWE has to offer. I encourage you all to grow and SWE will surely grow with you. We have lots in store, so get ready!



Meredith Shannon


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