Letter From the President: Ending Notes

annuals 4As the 2014-2015 academic year comes to a close, this is a great time to remember the highlights. Since its founding in 1954, PSWE has consistently been an active organization in providing leadership opportunities, making a positive difference on campus, and giving back to the community. This year that trend has continued through initiatives that encourage members to build support networks with each other, tackle new technical opportunities, expand outreach programs, and encourage professional development. This year PSWE received The Excellence Award! This is a lifetime achievement award to recognize a student organization that continuously improves programs, works to develop leaders, and fosters collaboration on campus. A key part to this award is organizational participation and teamwork.

All of these programs and events would not have been possible without the astounding dedication of the executive board and support of PSWE members. It has been an honor to serve as your president and a privilege to work with such driven and enthusiastic board members throughout the year. I am confident that these individuals along with several other enthusiastic PSWE leaders including office assistants, SWEetie sidekicks, committee members, hostesses and volunteers from this year will ensure that PSWE continues to aspire, advance and achieve excellence in the upcoming year.

On behalf of this year’s officers (Ashlee Janczak, Rose Galley, and Michelle Wellman), I would like to thank everyone who has planned, volunteered, and participated in SWE events this year. Thank you for a SWEtastic year!!!


If you are ever happen to be in Kingsport, Tennessee, feel free to reach out to me,

Julia Hom (jhom7747@gmail.com)


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