Spotlight: Hannah McAughan – New College of Engineering Senator

Purdue Student Government (PSG) election week just passed us by and Hannah McAughan was elected to be a Senator representing the School of Engineering. There are three Senators for Engineering, as most schools have two to three students on PSG.


Hannah is junior majoring in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. Her career goals are to get her Master’s degree after graduating from Purdue and move into consulting in the environmental engineering field.

This is Hannah’s first time being involved with PSG. When she heard Jordan Ross, a presidential candidate, discussing his petition, she became interested in taking on his former role as one of the College of Engineering Senators. Elizabeth Gellar and Alison Turner also had an influence on Hannah’s decision to join PSG. Alison, a current PSG member, encouraged her to take the opportunity.  Elizabeth, who spoke at Elect Her, an event a part of the Women in Leadership Institute, inspired Hannah to run for Senator as well.

There has not been a female elected as an Engineering Senator since 2012, and Hannah is very excited to fill this role and represent the women of Purdue engineering. This upcoming year, Hannah is eager to help Purdue’s campus become more sustainable. Also, she is going to work towards helping engineering students get more academic support for their classes. Also, PSG as whole is looking at investing in a free online homework system for Purdue students that would lower the total cost of tuition and fees.

Hannah encourages all women in engineering to enjoy their time at Purdue. “Enjoy this time here! Don’t get too caught up in all the schoolwork and your own bubble. Being at Purdue is also about the experience and memory of being here so don’t forget to stop and smell the roses and make memories! “

Hannah would lovehannah to hear from anyone and get feedback on things we want to see different on campus! You can contact her through her email at


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