Meet Your Directors: Programs Director (Spring)

Describing Leann

leannLeann Demorest, from Clarksville, Tennessee, is a sophomore in Chemical Engineering. She is minoring in French and is planning to Co-Op next year. She is also an RA for Meredith Hall. Leann loves Netflix and has a dog who likes to eat socks.

Her Role in PSWE

As the Programs director, Leann oversees four chairs. She directs the E-Week, AMM, Social, and Community Service chairs. She is the liaison between her chairs and the secretary, Michelle. As a director, Leann has hosted the PSWE Lunch Brunch at Cary Knight Spot.

What She Loves Most About Her Position

She loves connecting with members and the casual setting that PSWE provides. Leann likes going to events to get to know other girls and to relieve stress.

Events She’s Looking Forward To

Leann is looking forward to PSWE  participating in building a terrarium in the upcoming Social event on April 27!

Words of Advice

PSWE is a great chance to stretch yourself!”


Leann would like to give a shout out to her chairs and fellow Programs Director Catie for being awesome!


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