A Day In The Life of the Past SWE President, Stacey DelVecchio

#TBT: A day in the life of last year’s SWE president, Stacey DelVecchio!

Society of Women Engineers - Central Illinois Buzz Blog

As SWE President, it’s probably easy to figure out what I do when I’m on the road. But what do I really do when I’m at home? Keep reading to see “A Day In The Life of the SWE President”.

IMG_1143 5:45am – Rise & shine. Time to pack lunches. This seems like the only nice thing that I do for my hubby every day.

IMG_1241 6:30am – Workout time at Power Zone with my fabulous personal trainer, Yvonne. If it looks like I’m not awake, it’s probably because I’m not . And oh those straps are torture.

IMG_1146 8:45am – Coffee time to start my work day. My boss let’s me flex my hours a little so that I can work out in the morning. Gotta love that.

IMG_1157 9:30am – As a SWE board member, I get multiple copies of the SWE Magazine. I dropped off three copies at our Technical Information…

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