Behind the Scenes: Publicity Committee

Who They AreDSCN0817

From Left to Right: Sarah Hedberg, Haley Berner, Karen Martinez, Melissa Robins, Clare Etchason

Additional Helping Hands: Ivanna Gomez, Asheli Bridwell, Lexie Lobo, Natalia Bak, Megan Hedges, Molly Moore, Alyson Nash, Megan Neuendorf, Grace Knudsen, Nancy Jung, Sarah Burmesch, Alexa Maurer, Katie Thomas, Nithya Sridhar, Alexa Remer, Daniela Alviz, Lizza Gebre, Lauren Corbin, Jana Mudrock, Mallory Slavis, Mridula Raghuraman, Haley Smith, Kitara Crain, Karen Kukla, Apeksha Kumavat, Melissa Robins, Lindsay Piispanen


What They Do

The publicity committee is responsible for publicizing SWE events with sheet signs, chalking sidewalks and lecture halls, distributing flyers, etc. They help publicize events when help is needed! Sign up here if you would like to join the email list!

To Learn More About the Publicity Committee

Check Out This Video




This video is a part of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ series showing members what goes on in each of PSWE’s committees. Be sure to check out all the videos in this series, and stay on the look out for the next video.


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