Purdue Civil Engineering Week

The Civil Engineering Student Advisory Council (CESAC), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and Civil Engineering’s Chi Epsilon are teaming up to host the annual Purdue Civil Engineering Week. CE Week is Monday, March 23 through Friday, March 27. There are many events planned for the week that are open to CE students, or anyone interested! There will be flyers posted next week around the CE building and Armstrong for more information on location and details of the events!


  • ASCE Breakfast 7:30-10am HAMP Woods Commons

  • CESAC Nucor Shop Talk 6:00pm


  • CESAC Bobet and the Panama Canal Shop Talk 6:00pm


  • CESAC/ASCE Bowen Field Trip (First come, First serve)


  • CESAC Civil Engineering Social 6-9:00pm @Jakes Roadhouse


  • CESAC/ASCE Barbeque @ CE Patio outside HAMP

  • CE Blood Drive 9am-3pm in Armstrong Atrium

Look forward to more events and more information during the start of CE Week!


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