Why the PSWE Executive Board is the Right Place For You

Our current president, Julia Hom, has a few things to share with you as you are considering applying for the Executive Board next year.

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As the current executive board’s term is coming to a close, it’s nearing the time for elections, petitions, and interviews to resurface. If you’re still looking for your place in PSWE (or if you’ve found it), the PSWE executive board will help you get your foot in the door. Continue reading for some testaments to why current board members joined. It may strike a chord with you. Maybe it will get your gears turning. Maybe you will find your passion. Maybe you should give the ODC (officers directors chairs – AKA executive board)  a chance.

I literally joined ODC because I wanted to make more friends, but not just any friends… I wanted to be friends with the girls who ran cool events, made everyone feel included, and all while balancing all sorts of engineering. In short the girls on the executive board were the type of leaders, students and mentors that I wanted to befriend so that I could learn from them, and eventually grow to become a leader and mentor too. I also joined to do more things that I was scared of; I used to be scared or professional events and speaking up. Now I can say those things scare me less if not at all.

– Karen Martinez, Professional Networking Director

IMG_0802IMG_7961 (1)

I wasn’t really involved in SWE until my junior year when I started playing intramural sports. From there, I learned more about SWE as an organization and how else I could be involved. For me, intramurals was my “in” to SWE, and I wanted to be a part of the executive board so that I could influence others who were like me and hadn’t found their niche yet.

– Johanna Geegan, Intramurals Chair










 I got more involved with SWE activities last year (intramurals) and I got to see how cool the other girls were and I wanted to become more a part of that community.

-Monica Rosenberg, Market Yourself Chair

SVB-2014-01 1282

 I joined ODC during my first semester freshman year. I had just come from a small high school, with a graduating class of 100 girls. I really enjoyed the small community feel, and I wanted that to continue in my college experience. When I joined ODC, I saw the similar small community feel present because I get to see the same 40 people every week through all of the events that PSWE has. Being on ODC has given me the opportunity to create close friendships with past and present members.

-Cynthia Ramirez, Membership Vitality Director


Honestly, I initially joined the ODC as a chair so I would have a leadership position to add to my resume. However, the next year I applied to be a director on the board because I had grown attached to my position and the directorship I was in. I wanted a chance to help further create a basis for the directorship to grow upon. One of the things I really enjoy is seeing behind the scenes of the organization. Having a position on the board makes me feel like I am really making a meaningful contribution to PSWE as opposed to what I could do as a general member.

-Taylor Grimm, Public Relations Director


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Come see us – join us at the Leadership Callout and get excited to make 40 new friends!

Check out:

chair position descriptions 

director position descriptions

officer position descriptions

Come prepared with questions this Wednesday, March 11, at 7:30 in ARMS 1109.



  • Officer Petition Deadline: Wednesday, March 25th by 8 p.m.

  • Director Application Deadline: Friday, April 3rd by 8 p.m.

  • Chair Application Deadline: Friday, April 10th by 8 p.m.


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