5 Reasons Why You Should Attend AMMs

Each month PSWE has AMMs (or All Member Meetings) where everyone comes together, and here is why you shouldn’t miss out!

1. First and foremost, there is free food. After a long day of classes, delicious grub at no cost is definitely a yes.

2. You get to develop friendships and meet other PSWE members. This is where all the members (hence the name) are invited to come together and get to know one another. You already have at least one thing in common!

3. You will hear an engaging presentation from a company or other speaker. These are very interesting, and it’s a great opportunity to network (and possibly hear about internships and other job opportunities!).

4. You will be up to date on all the upcoming events, so you can be in the know and hopefully attend many of the cool events that PSWE holds.

5. AMMs are fun! You deserve a study break, and what’s better than hanging out with PSWE?

The next AMM is Thursday, March 12 at 6 pm in ARMS B061, sponsored by Bell Helicopter. See you there!