Meet Your Directors: Professional Networking Director

Describing Karen:

karenKaren Martinez is a senior in
Material Science Engineering from Cincinnati. During her time at Purdue, she has studied abroad in Spain and interned at P&G. She also loves reading, movies, and biking.

I love the events and opportunities that PSWE provides because they are important for women.” 

Her Role in PSWE

She provides insight and support to her chairs,and her expertise to help put on two PSWE events. They are Networking Night and the Trade Show, on March 31st. She is also in charge of compiling PSWE’s resume book and finding companies that are interested in PSWE. She is helping to host the awards banquette on March 30th to give scholarships to women in engineering and applaud their accomplishments.

What She Loves Most About Her Position

She loves when she is able to get women to start networking early. She believes networking is important and is very happy to help provide that opportunity for members.  She also enjoys meeting companies and giving them the PSWE resume book.


Events She’s Looking Forward To

Karen is looking forward to Trade Show because “it is not a traditional fair. You get to ask companies things you normally couldn’t, like what does the company do.” There will be interactive displays to show you what you will do as an engineer in their company. It allows you to explore their degree. She also adds, “I wish I had this as a freshman”.

Words of Advice:

“Don’t be afraid to get professional advice. It never hurts to network more”.karenn


If you would like to learn more about the trade show, click here!


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