AFL Machining Event

Are you in the market for technical skills? Then look no further!

The week of March 9th, PSWE members will be able to make their own picture frame in the Artisan and Fabrication Lab (AFL) in Armstrong. Kaitlyn Fisher, PSWE Competitions Director, is leading the event in order to give PSWE members the opportunity to gain machining experience.






In the lab, you will will learn how to operate the CNC Router and use your new-found skills to program the router using Visual Quick Code (VQC).


Even if you don’t see tablemachining or manufacturing in your future, this is a valuable opportunity to gain a few new skills that may set you apart when applying for internships or a full-time position. There will be a Prep Night on Wednesday, March 4th in order to take safety quizzes and learn a few basics about machining. Sign up here for the event.



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