Behind the Scenes: Blog Committee

 Who They Areblog committee

From Left to Right: Cynthia Ramirez, Anna Bukur, Taylor Grimm, Sam Stephens, Haley Smith, Anjali Malik

Not Seen Here: Kitara Crain (photo credit) , Nicole McMindes, Abbey Berg, and Erin Suttles

What They Do

The Blog Committee works as a team to find creative and effective ways to share information with all the members of SWE. They meet twice a month to make sure they cover everything that you need to see! If there’s anything you would like to see written about, send an email to Sam at We’re listening!

To Learn More About the Blog Committee:

 See The Video Here



This video is a part of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ series showing members what goes on in each of PSWE’s committees. Be sure to check out all the videos in this series, and stay on the look out for the next video.


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