Access Alum- Valuable Networking Opportunity for all Women in Engineering!

To upstanding citizens of PSWE,

With another wonderful semester blooming, we’d like to remind the SWEople particularly about WIEP’s priceless Access Alum socials. Last semester, there had been visits of total 16 wonderful successful ladies from almost all engineering disciplines offered in Purdue who very kindly devoted their time to talking and encouraging students. And like each semester, this time too, WIEP has arranged a couple of such events with more beautiful, successful ladies.


access alums
For those of you who aren’t aware, Access Alum is a WIEP’s program which includes events all semester long, focusing on providing students with opportunities to build relationships and have informal conversations with the experienced women in relatable fields. These events are amazing at so many levels that we thought it was compelling for us to share the usefulness of attending these so that no one misses out on any this semester.

Our list of its benefits goes like this:

  • Open to all students!
  • These are completely informal, meaning you don’t have to spend your minutes dressing up or preparing your talks. You can come and go at any time and talk or not talk as much as you want.
  • Guests are experienced, successful, informed and most importantly very relatable.
  • These events are perfect for professional development and networking helpful to your career. (Ultimately, everyone needs a professional mentor, right?!)
  • Guests represent their respective companies/institutes many of which you might take interest in.  Plenty are also on the recruiting committees and accept resumes during the events.
  • Free snacks!

Access Alum events take place in the ARMS nook area generally in the afternoons with different alumnae (corporate, academic, government, non-traditional, etc.) attending each time. We highly recommend this program to everyone. Just come to chill and you never know, you might just experience something moving and inspiring from others’ success stories.

Be sure to attend these events with the date already set:

Wednesday April 1 [10:30 am – 12:00 pm] – Features Jenell Fairman (BSCE Purdue) – CORE PLANNING STRATEGIES LLC

Friday April 17 [1:00 – 2:30 pm] – Features Kelsey Hunter (BSEEE Purdue) – HULL AND ASSOCIATES, INC.


Visit the WIEP website to stay up to date on all Access Alum events this semester!




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